Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

galaxy s5 casesFirst of all, let me congratulate you on your wise purchase of this lovely gadget. Just to let you know, finding the best Samsung Galaxy S5 case is not an easy job. If you browse the internet, you can literally find hundred of phone accessories manufacturers who have already produced cases and covers for Galaxy S5, but  the fact is only few of them worth looking into. Samsung Galaxy S5 are not durable compared to other competitors, so it is a MUST that you carefully pick up a protective case to guard the body as well as the big screen of your beloved Samsung S5.

In Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases website, I have curated what I believe the best cases, covers and screen protectors that can genuinely guard your Galaxy S5 from scratches, cracks and dust.

I have also categorized the cases found in this website into different categories to make it easy for you to navigate through. Depending in what you looking for, you may choose between flip (folio), TPU, wallet, pouch, kickstand cases etc. The majority of Samsung Galaxy S5 cases, covers and protectors found in this website are high quality not those cheap ones, because I believe such great smartphone deserves great protective case. So Enjoy these Sasmung Galaxy S5 accessories listed below.

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases and Covers

Although choosing the bast case for your Samsung Galaxy S5 is something subjective, where it's not necessary that my top case matches yours, I have tried hard to only include the hot selling and most popular cases and covers from each category (in my opinion) and you're free to browse through the different sections of the website and pick your one.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Cover/S View Cover

galaxy s5 s view coverAs usual, Samsung announced the flagship Galaxy S5 alongside with two official cases:  the S View Cover and the traditional Folio cover.

The official Samsung Galaxy S5 S View Cover is only available for sale on eBay, to check the prices

The S View cover provides you with the function of using your S5 without even opening the flip. You can do that using the small cut-out windows which allows you to check all important information like the weather, the time, missed calls and text messages. Other functionality includes waking up the Galaxy S5 when the Flip is opened and putting it into sleep mode when the flip is closed.

On contrast, the traditional Flip cover does not provide any of the above mentioned function, however, it does offer basic protection as any other flip cover.

Be aware that if you drop your phone, the flip may open mid-air leaving the screen vulnerable to crack, so I highly recommend Spigen Magnetic Clip to keep the cover securely closed.

Both covers will be available in several different colours including Yellow, electric Red, chrome Gray, glittery Green ad some other colours suiting all different styles.

The price tag of official galaxy S5 S-View Cover is about $60, If you think it's too much, there are some alternative S View cases available on eBay  

#1 Obliq Xtreme Pro

obliq xtreme pro case for galaxy s5One of the most fashionable and stylish covers for the S5 that is available in 12 different colours to match all styles and personalities. The case sports dual layer protection consisting of rugged TPU layers that absorb accidental impacts while the hard polycarbonate back cover guards your phone from scratches. Although it dual layered, what impressed me about this case is that it doesn't comprise the slim profile with a dimension of 6" x 3.5" x 1" weighting less than 5 ounce. Also, to make more appealing, the back cover is finished with luxurious semi-glossy coating. The case comes with a special anti-shock screen protector film for ultimate protection against scratches. Overall, the Obliq Xtreme pro case for Galaxy S5 offers all round protection while enhancing the look and feel for your precious Galaxy. The case is under offer right now on Amazon with saving up to 71% off. So grab your self a bargain while you can. The case is also being sold on eBay for $11.99.

#2 Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

galaxy s5 neo hybridThis is by far one of the most beautiful and protective Samsung Galaxy S5 TPU Cases from Spigen, the leading Smartphone accessories manufacturer in the world who's proud of having 100% customer satisfaction. As we ll as looking elegant, the Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S5 does not compromise the protection at all. This case offers the ultimate protection by using top quality materials to significantly improve the shock absorption and impact protection capabilities. Additionally, Spigen Galaxy S5 Neo Hybrid case is designed and engineered in a way to improve the phone grip and reduce slippage. It's made of two parts, the TPU case and a bumper that goes all around the phone for better drop resistance. You can customize the Spigen Neo Hybrid case by replacing the bumper which is available in several colours such as Red (my fav), Yellow, Silver, Black and Blue. Last but not least, the case is sold for $29.99 on Amazon (£17.99 Amazon UK) with free shipping.

#3 Otterbox Defender

galaxy s5 defender case from otterboxThe well known Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S5 is probably one of the best durable Samsung Galaxy S5 cases because of its tough material and the multi-layer design. The inside layer is made from soft polycarbonate to hold the phone nicely while the external layer is made of synthetic rubber cover that has a belt-clip as well as a built-in screen protector. Unlike other case, the Galaxy S5 Otterbox Defender does not only covers the phone body, it goes the extra mile and protects all phone ports and jacks to guard it from dust and smudge. Galaxy S5 Defender is considered to be one of the best protective cases  against all types of impacts, drops. shocks as well as dust. The case is available in multiple colours and sold from the official Otterbox website starting from $29.90. If you want to customize the case, follow this link but it'll cost you about $59.99 for that.

#4 i-Blason Galaxy S5 Kickstand Case

i blason kickstand for galaxy s5i-Blason has been always my favourite Galaxy S5 Kickstand case as it has a stylish look, tough build composed of two layers. The inner is made of soft silicon to hold the phone gently while helping the shocks absorption. The outer case is a hard polycarbonate shell that insures better impact resistance. Interestingly, there are extra cushion in all case corners for more durability in case of accidental drops. The case is user friendly as well, as it can be installed and assembled in a minute.  What make it more practical, is the belt swivel hostler which allows getting the phone in and out a pleasure experience. With this case, you will enjoy watching your videos and reading lengthy document thanks to kickstand which can be rotated horizontally or vertically for more flexibility. This Galaxy S5 i-Blason cover is available in various colours ranging from Blue, Black, and Red and is on offer of whopping 90% off on Amazon for less than $3 (UK price: £9.99).

#6 Fall Fashion Wallet Case for Samsung GalaxyS5

galaxy s5 wallet casePersonally, I think this is the most beautiful luxurious Samsung Galaxy S5 wallet case. This wallet case has a sleek design, fashionable look thanks to the quality materials used to produce it. The case is extremely flexible and can be used in many different ways. You can consider it a flip (folio) case, wallet case and also as a kickstand case convenient for watching videos and browsing the web in a beautiful landscape mode. The case features multiple-layer design, whereas the inner is made of soft fabric and the outer is made of high quality synthetic leather to improve the impact and shock absorption. This Galaxy S5 wallet case utilises a snap mechanism to secure the phone firmly. Furthermore, it has number of slots suitable for holding your IDs and credit cards, as well as some cash. With the Fall Fashion cover, you get a bonus secure RFID blocking sleeve to safe your credit card in which is approved by the US government. Last but no least, this Samsung Galaxy S5 case is available in about 7 colours and is for sale for just $7 on Amazon .

 #7 DSStyle Eyelet Case

Galaxy_S5_Cases_DSStyleThis protective PU leather Eyelet Series for Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best series produced by DSStyle. It's constructed from quality PU leather finished with a beautiful stitching and sewing work designed in a slim and easy fit way. The case is compatible with S View capability of the Galaxy S5 allowing you to quickly check all important information by the viewing the nicely cut out Window without opening the flip. The Eyelet Galaxy S5 cover is very lightweight and have a fantastic luxury look and craftsmanship. Also, the stand view feature enables you to use your phone to watch videos and read lengthy emails horizontally. Overall, this luxurious case can offer protection from damage, scratches as well as providing nice look and feel to you Galaxy S5. The case is available for sale from the official DSStyle website for just $16.99. As a loyal reader, I have teamed up with DDStyle to provide you with an exclusive 5% discount for all DSStyle range by entering DSstyle_S5 at the checkout.

#8 Spigen Slim Armor 

spigen slim armor galaxy s5The Slim Armor is another initiative case from Spigen which is very similar to Neo-Hybrid, however, it has a glossy finish instead of the soft rubber. Slim Armor features two layers with TPU case and polycarbonate case finished with gloss which can be detached form the main case making the case very customizable with a number of of available colours such as Red, Metal Slate, Silver, White, Yellow.

As with all Spigen cases, Slim Armor is very durable case built from high grade materials improving the shock and impact absorption as well as  scratch prevention. The Galaxy S5 Slim Armor case does look nice on the phone and fits precisely into the shape of the device with concise cut out around  ports, , buttons, camera and speakers.  What I like most is the glossy finish that insures that the colours will not fade away while providing a beautiful looks and feel of the phone. The Spigen Slim Armor for Galaxy S5 is available is Black and Silver and sold for $24.99 on Amaozn US (£14.99 in UK). The case is also available for sale through Spigen Official eBay store.

 #9 Stand Folio Case from Case-Mate

case mate folio flip case for galaxy s5When I was looking for a good case and protective cover for my Galaxy S5 and found that the most elegant folio case is Case-Mate Folio, such a beautiful and delicate case fro the world class accessory producer, Its simple and unique design will attract your eyes from the first moment. It can be Flip as well as Stand case suitable for watching videos, reading PDFs or surfing the web. Furthermore, the case features multiple slots for your IDs, Credit cards so lo longer you have to carry your pocket with you any more. The inner side of the case feels luxurious and soft thanks to the brushed microfibre. The outer is made of PU leather integrated with magnetic clasp to ensure optimum security for your lovely smartphone. The case is only available for sale for the office case-mate website and sold for $40.

#10 i-Blason Armorbox Case

ِi-Blason Armorbox galaxy s5 CaseAnother brilliant case for the brilliant i-Blason. Armorbox sports dual layer protection made of dotted-pattern Polycarbonate hard shell outer with a flexible TPU inner core providing the ultimate protection against drops and impacts. The case comes with complementary screen protector to shield the big screen from scratches and dust. The case design is sharp with a precise cut out to allow easy access to all button, camera and sensors. In terms of colours, you can choose between Pink, White, Green, Blue or my favourite the Black. The case is under amazing offer of more than 80% off on Amazon at the moment. To show it's commitment toward customer service, the case comes with 1 year guarantee, so it's really case worth investing in.

Other otion you may consider :

# InvisibleShield Samsung Galaxy S5 Protector

galaxy s5 invisible shieldI you never heard of the innovative Zagg InvisibleShield brand, I can tell you it's only protector which was made originally to protect military helicopter blades. Zagg InvisibleShield protectors are scratch and dust proof and come with a life-time guarantee. No wonder InvisibleShield has received an amazing reviews from real customer, from the 65 million protectors that were sold worldwide in the recent few years.

What make it unique, this protector that does not add any bulk to your Galxay S5 whatsoever,and it's 100% transparent, so you won't even feel that you have the protector on. If you opted for InvisibleShield for your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will have the option of choosing between a screen protector only or front and back cover, which I strongly recommend. I would like to mention that InvisibleShield protector covers the front and back only but not the side, so for full protection, I recommend buying a bumper for extra guard. The protector is only available on sale through the official Zagg InvisibleShield website starting from $14.99 (UK: £14.99).

 # SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Case

supcase tough case galalxy s5Having its origin at SUPCASE, the SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Samsung Galaxy S5 Case [UNICORN Beetle PRO Series] is the right case for your Galaxy S5. From its name, it comes to offer your smartphone the best protection ever, which means that longer life for your Galaxy S5 is assured. Dual protection is made possible by the outer polycarbonate and the inner TPU materials, which protect your Galaxy S5 during drops and bumps. Protection is taken to a notch higher as this case comes with a built-in screen protector. The screen protector offers protection to your screen without tampering with touch sensitivity. Installing this beauty on your Samsung Galaxy S5 is no issue. This is eased by its advanced front cover Snap-On design. Precise cutouts made on this case make all ports and the screen accessible thus no need to remove the case when using your ports. Port covers are also included in this case, which act as a layer between your ports and dust. This implies that dust cannot threaten your ports any longer. Several color combinations like Black/Black, Pink/Gray, Black/Blue and White/Gray are available in the market and this case is cheaply at only $14.99 on Amazon.

# Tough Armorbox Case

Tough Armorbox Case galaxy s5Adequate defense of your Galaxy S5 is the main purpose of the Tough Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Hard/Soft Protective Case. Cable and Case are the manufacturers of this case who have made it with precision and toughness.

From its name, this case has two layers of protection. These layers are a hard outer layer and a soft inner layer. Drops and falls are taken care of by the outer hard shell, and the inner soft layer absorbs shock that come with drops and accidental falls.

Tough Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Hard/Soft Protective Case has Tough Carrier Compatibility and fits perfectly on your Galaxy S5. Easy installation and uninstallation makes this case user friendly thus accepted by many Galaxy S5 users.

Color ranges are as many as you wish, and are readily available on Amazon. These color ranges include: Armorbox White, Clear, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, White, Armorbox Black, Armorbox Blue, Armorbox Green, Armorbox Pink, Armorbox White, Armorbox Purple and Clear Hard Shell. Inexpensiveness is guaranteed as this case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at $14.99.

# Caseology [Stand View] Wallet Case

caseology wallet case galaxy s5This case is made with a hard material, TPU, which is rubberized and has shock absorption abilities. This means that protection is presented to your smartphone. Snap-On feature on this case makes installation and uninstallation simple and effortless. You are also able to enjoy every bit of your entertainment as this case comes with a built-in stand, which allows you to view your entertainment in a horizontal media view. All ports, and most importantly the headphone jack, are accessible through precise cutouts that are made on this case. Cameras and speakers are also clear and accessible through these cutouts. Credit cards and cash can be carried along your Galaxy S5, thanks to the 2 card slots and an inner pocket available on this case. These slots and pocket give this case a folio style, which is so classy thus makes your Galaxy S5 look attractive. Black/Black, Black/Brown, Hot Pink, Deep Sea, Navy Blue and Turquoise Mint are the several colors and color combinations available for your purchase. Being priced at an amazing price of $9.99 on Amazon, this case is very cheap and available for any Galaxy S5 owner.

# Spigen [Interactive Window] S View Case

SPIGEN S VIEW CASE GALAXY S5Accessibility to your Galaxy S5 smartphone even when having a battery case is very important. This is why Spigen came up with the Spigen [Interactive Window] Case for your Galaxy S5. This case has an interactive viewing window that enables you to access many functions with an App. An added feature is the Sleep/Wake function, which is afforded by this remarkable case. Protection for your smartphone is not taken jokingly as the Spigen [Interactive Window] Case is made from a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate materials which offer you maximum protection. These materials offer your Galaxy S5 double protection as the outer shell protect your smartphone during drops and falls, and the TPU has an advanced shock absorption technology that protects your phone from impacts and scratches. This case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, thus you need not worry about compatibility issues when you make your purchase. Coming in many colors, which are Slim Armor Copper Gold, Slim Armor Electric Blue, Slim Armor Dante Red, Slim Armor Shimmery White, View Smooth Black, View Smooth White, CS Electric Blue, CS Mint, CS Gunmetal, CS Smooth Black and CS Smooth Black.

Priced at $49.99 on Amazon, this beautiful case comes to offer your Galaxy S5 advanced protection and style.

# Spigen [Air Cushion] Case

spigen air cushion galaxy s5Spigen is a top company known for their superb products and accessories, and Spigen [Air Cushion] Case is no exception. From its name, protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5 is enhanced as this case is made from the combination of Polycarbonate and TPU materials, which give it a clear hard back panel and a flexible edge. Its Air Cushion Technology Corners give your smartphone advanced and extreme drop protection. Scratches on your Galaxy S5 will be a thing of the past, thanks to the scratch-free design of this amazing case. The lips on both the back and the front offer maximum protection to the screen and the back panel from scratches. Compatibility is taken care of as this case is compatible with Galaxy S5 and its stylish bumper with rear protection are an icing to the cake. Electric Blue, Black, Copper Gold, Gray, Metal Slate, Crystal Clear and Mint are some of the colors that this case comes in. The Spigen [Air Cushion] Case is affordably priced at $12.99 on Amazon (£10.99 on Amazon UK), thus be sure to make your purchase instantly.

# i-Blason Transformer Holster

galaxy s5 i blason transformer hostlerThis slim case with a hard outer shell that has a textured finish is very easy to use and at the same time very convenient. Grip is enhanced by the textured finish, and is also lightweight thus adds very little weight when installed on your Galaxy S5. Protection is offered by the raised edges of this case, which defend your smartphone, especially the touchscreen during drops. Samsung Galaxy S5 features like the heartbeat sensor and the finger print scanner are also supported by this case. The holster clip swivels, and has a sturdy clip locking mechanism that keeps your Galaxy S5 smartphone intact always. Its shell holster and the back cover design come with a built- in kickstand, which makes video watching easier and relaxed. Your smartphone can also be removed from the holster without the need to remove the case.

Red, Purple, Blue and Black are the various color types available for this magnificent case, which is very low-priced at an amazing price of $11.99 on Amazon.


buddibox galaxy s5 caseBUDDIBOX Case is specifically designed for your Galaxy S5 and comes to offer your smartphone durability and protection. This case has 2 pieces, a hard back case and a locking belt clip swivel holster. Its locking swivel belt clip is effortlessly locked into a protracted position. This belt clip swivel has 180 degrees rotating capabilities, thus providing for multiple carriage positions. Protection is to the fullest with this case, thanks to the inner enclosure hard shell that is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate material, and the inner silicone sleeve that has shock absorption properties. The corners have a double-thick silicone, which provide for an outstanding protection against impacts from drops. This case is also super robust and very stress-free to carry around. Blue, Red and Black are the color ranges available in the market and being priced at a very low price of $11.95 on Amazon, makes BUDDIBOX Samsung Galaxy S5 Case affordable by any owner of a Galaxy S5.

# ULAK Galaxy S5 Wallet Case

ulak leather wallet case galaxy s5ULAK Galaxy S5 Case is only designed for Galaxy S5, thus fully compatible with your S5. This case is amazing as it gives you the capability of carrying all your stuff together, thanks to the 3 card slots and an additional inner pocket, thus you can carry your cards and cash along with your smartphone. High quality PU leather material is used to make the ULAK Case, which is protective against falls and accidental drops. An additional Magnetic Clip is a plus as it locks in your Galaxy S5 at all times. Dirt accumulation and scratches are also protected against by this incredible case. Enjoyment when viewing your entertainment is provided by the built-in stand, which allows you to view your entertainment horizontally. A screen protector and a stylus are the additional features of this case, where the screen protector protects your screen to the maximum. Many color designs are available, which include: Unique-Follow the Sky, Colorful-Red/Yellow/Pink, Flip-Black, Flip-Blue, Flip-Coffee, Flip-Brown, Handbag-Black, Handbag-Magenta, Handbag-Pink, Rivet-Black, Luxury-Champagne Gold, Luxury-Magenta, Maze-Green, Maze-Dark Blue, Mint, Rivet-White, Two Colors-Pink/White, Two Colors- Purple/White, Unique-Follow the Sky, Unique-Neon, Unique-USA and Z-Waterproof/Black.

This beautiful case for your Galaxy S5 is very cheap and costs only $9.99 on Amazon.

# Galaxy S5 S Line Gel Case

galaxy s5 s line soft gel caseIt is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), thus making it highly resistant to oil, water, scratches or dirt. This case is highly protective as it protects your smartphone from drops, shock and scratches. Cameras, buttons, speakers and ports are fully accessible through the precise cutouts made on this case. This ensures that you operate your Galaxy S5 easily, while protecting your smartphone at the same time and maintaining your stylish look with your Samsung Galaxy S5. Clear Hard Shell, Black, Blue, Armorbox White, Armorbox Purple, Armorbox Blue, Armorbox Green, Armorbox Pink, White, Red, Purple, Pink and Clear are the color ranges available on Amazon and this case is priced very economically at only $8.99 on Amazon.

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