Top Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Cases

Power saving in the brand new Samsung Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, is the main concern thus this smartphone comes with numerous inbuilt power-saving characteristics. Basing most people’s considerations, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be prolonged further by the use of battery case – thus the inventions and introduction of S5 battery cases, which up to now have realized an upsurge in demand. These cases and covers are obtainable in the market, and even online. They help safeguard your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone and make it last a longer time, because it is understandable that the cost of the smartphone is worth a fortune. Samfsung Galaxy S5 battery cases and covers are premeditated to protect your smartphone from scratches and hard falls, thereby lengthening its lifespan.

Advantages of battery cases

  • § Most battery cases have elegant designs thus make your smartphone look decent and stylish.
  • § The external battery in the cases is planned decently and it provides for an extended battery life – they provide for a way to make your smartphone’s battery last longer by increasing the battery power.
  • § Battery cases help protect your smartphone from hard falls and scratches – in cases of hard falls or scratches, battery cases serve as the middleman in that it protects your smartphone from breakages that result from hard falls, thus ensuring longer life for your smartphone.
  • § Battery cases are easy to install – a majority of battery cases and covers come with a “How to Install” document that helps the user figure out how to proceed with the installation of the battery case or cover.
  • § Some battery cases with rubber lining help to provide for waterproof capabilities to your smartphone.
  • § Battery cases and covers allow for easy access to all ports, like the USB port and jacks, for the headphones.
  • § LED lights provide for power status and battery life. An additional front cover can also be useful to help prevent dust from getting to your screen.

Based on the above numerous advantages that battery cases offer, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a variety of battery cases and covers that are highly recommended to protect your smartphone and guarantee a longer lifetime.

#1 Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case galaxy s5 batreyThe Samsung Galaxy S5 has taken the market by storm and manufactures are producing more and more accessories. The Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case is a Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case that is well-made and this makes it one of the best battery cases. Incorporating it in your Galaxy S5 will see you realize a greater experience. This Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case come with its own battery with 2800mAh in the sliding case, thus doubles up the Galaxy S5’s battery life. Charging of the battery is also catered for as it can be charged through microUSB, and permits the smartphone to continue operating normally when inserted. This Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case comes in two distinct colors, grey and blue and costs $75.99.

Being a bit expensive means that the Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case for Galaxy S5 will not be for everyone, but will be a sure enough solution to most people with the common smartphone problem – demanding more battery capability without debilitating the smartphone with a charger. Guide price : $79.99 on Amazn

#2 PowerSkin Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

PowerSkin Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5TennRich must have weight at the back of their minds as the developed the PowerSkin Spare Rechargeable Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 as its total weight is only 0.17lbs (80 grams), thus making it ultra-light. This Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case is the thinnest and lightest battery case and adds only 5.7mm thickness to your smartphone. More texting, calling, surfing and gaming is also guaranteed by this battery case as it features 2200mAh power, adding 230 hours of standby time and as long as 12 and a half hours talk-time. Its blue LED charging lights that face the front provide a cheek look and its ergonomically planned button is superb. PowerSkin Spare for Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in 4 colors, copper gold, electric blue, shimmer white and charcoal black and is priced for $79.99 on Amazon US (UK: £59.99).

#3 Mophie Battery Case

galaxy s5 Mophie Battery CaseThe Mophie Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is an ultra0thin battery cover meant to protect the smartphone from every day wear and tear. Its external battery is masked by a protective case that fits well to the Samsung Galaxy S5. Protection of the smartphone is guaranteed while at the same time providing for longer battery life by its 3000mAh power capability. USB charging and sync can be done simultaneously with this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case. Built-in standby and power buttons help in toggling between power modes and the LED power indicator located at the front of the case indicates that charging status of the battery, not forgetting the current battery remaining (juice).

With all these features, you will be convinced that protection as well as longer battery lifetime is guaranteed. Color variations come in the range of blue to black to pink to white and finally to grey. The current retail price is $99.99.

#4 Anker Extended Battery Cover

Anker Extended Battery Cover galaxy s5The Anker Extended Battery Cover is different from other Samsung Galaxy S5 battery cases as it comes with a custom form resembling the original Galaxy S5 battery that is a block of another battery form attached on its top. Its lightweight rubber that provides extra fitment to the battery acts as a perfect shock absorber in case of hard falls. The speaker can also produce sound perfectly normal, made possible by a tight fitting opening in the battery case. The Anker Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is built with a 7500mAh power capacity that means your phone will have increased battery life, thus more communication. The battery life of your smartphone will be increased by 250%, if you use the Anker Extended Battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5. Attaching this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case to your phone can be daring in the sense that it is quite heavy, thus the total weight of your smartphone and the case will be increased by double. Guide price : $39.99 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life

#5 BUDDIBOX Battery Case

BUDDIBOX Battery Case samsung galaxy s5Scratches and falls of phones are regular incidents to anyone owning a phone. If in possession of a smartphone, especially the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, you will be scared in case of this events. This should not be the same case if your smartphone is equipped with a BDDIBOX Battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5. This battery case has sliding capabilities and protects the external 3200mAh capacity smart Polymer-Lithium battery, which serves the purpose of extending the battery life of your smartphone.

Its slim and light nature makes your smartphone look even more slim and sleek. Perfect cutouts maintains ample access to microphones, sensors and most vital – the headphone jack, for the headset. Sync and charging can be done concurrently, and the LED Power indicators are in place to show the power levels.

Major price reductions of this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case has made it popular among consumers, who can purchase the BUDDIBOX Battery Case for only $19.95 and get to choose between black and white colors.

#6 zTcase Battery Case

zTcase Battery Case galaxy s5The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is a beautiful and quite expensive phone to possess, thus should be protected at all times. The zTcase battery case for Samsung Galaxy S5 provides this ever-sought-for protection in a single package. It is very easy to install as all it needs to be installed is a single slide in. Its capacity of 3500mAh provides for 150% more battery life thus ensures you stay on always, whether texting, calling or visiting the web for services. Accessibility is not an issue with this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case as it comes with built-in chrome volume controllers, power button and a silent mode toggle. A headphone jack is also provided for in the new zTcase Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5, which is compatible to most headsets.

White and black are the available color options and its price at $19.99 makes it very affordable to everyone with an aim to protect their Samsung Galaxy S5.

#7 Skiva Battery Cover

Skiva Battery Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5Developed by Skiva, the Skiva Battery Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a light and very thin battery case. It comes with a 3700mAh Li-Polymer battery power which makes this Samsung Galaxy battery case very powerful. Being very thin and light means that very little weight is added to your smartphone after installation, which is very easy to carry out successfully. Anti-slip grip ability is guaranteed by the quality of the surface coating, which also makes the case scratch proof. Buttons are easily available by the built in buttons like camera, volume and power buttons. Ports like the USB ports are also easily accessible via the battery case.

Reading and entertainment are eased by the built in kickstand that also supports approachability and availability of buttons. An added advantage of this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case is that it comes with a factory made front cover that is anti-dust, thus protecting your touchscreen appropriately.

Available in black, blue and white colors, this amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery case is very affordable at only $29.99 on Amzon.

#8 Skiva Wallet Battery Case

Skiva Wallet Battery Case for  Samsung Galaxy S5This is a variation of battery cases made by Skiva. The Skiva Wallet Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a very frivolous case that ensures your Samsung Galaxy S5 remain light. Its 2400mAh additional battery power implies that the total power of your smartphone is extended to 5200mAh, which will guarantee you more texting, calling, gaming and surfing time. The surface of this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case is made of high quality anti-slip material that also makes the case scratch proof. Capabilities to work with NFC/Google Wallet makes this battery case very special and different from other Samsung Galaxy S5 battery cases and covers. The Skiva Wallet battery case has buttons designed built over the original Samsung Galaxy S5 buttons, and this makes the major difference between Skiva Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S5 and other battery cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Available in white and black colors, the Skiva Wallet battery case for Samsung is retailing for only $29.99 on Amazon.

#9 PowerBear External Battery Case

powerbear Battery Case for Galaxy S5In search of capabilities to become protected, powered and unlimited? This Samsung Battery case is the precise choice for you. Their slogan, �Go Beyond Your Power’ explains it all. The PowerBear for Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case comes with 3500mAh of additional power, thereby giving your smartphone the capability of 225% more battery life. This additional power means that you will have 12 hours more for texting, call and surfing. A common USB charger that can be used by the smartphone and the battery case ensures that charging is made easier and less complex. The PowerBear was built with entertainment in mind, and this is why it comes with a built in kick-stand at its rear to ensure your entertainment is hands free and best appreciated.

Users’ preferences are taken into account as this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case comes in 4 color variants, namely black, blue, silver and gold. The PowerBear is relatively cheap as it is currently retailing at $23.95 only.

#10 ZeroLemon Galaxy S5 Battery Case

ZeroLemon Galaxy S5 Battery CaseSamsung Galaxy S5 owners can add protection and power by equipping their smartphones with this new battery case, the ZeroLemon Battery Case. Those in need of ultimate power should get this Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case as it is the most powerful with 8500mAh battery capacity, which is more than thrice the original battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. It is also slimmer, thus makes it lighter than other battery cases. This Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case has full support for Google Wallet and NFC. Protection is enhanced by the Viper Black Rugged Zero Shock Case, a variation of the ZeroLemon battery case, which is built to withstand heavy drops and shocks.

This ultimate Samsung Galaxy S5 battery case is available in black color and at a price of $59.99.

In conclusion, it is evident that Samsung Galaxy S5 users will be a happier lot with the above discussed battery cases. Equipping your smartphone with a battery case will ensure you are always on, and your phone is protected at all times. With lots of variety to choose from, make sure your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is equipped with the best battery case and cover.

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