Best 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories

As another year rolls in, manufacturers have ushered in a fresh set of phones of which some are bad, some good and some atrociously awesome. Samsung the South Korean behemoth meanwhile has launched its flagship model – The Samsung Galaxy S5 which is arguably the most anticipated and definitely one of the most feature packed android phone of the year. Armed with a bigger screen, classier design, revamped software and a slightly better camera, the S5 is expected to take the entire high end smartphone market by storm.

Along with its burgeoning reputation, Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a bevy of accessories each with its distinctive flair and utility. This list might seem endless given the wide array of functions that a super phone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 commands. We would be enlisting only some of them which can be categorized as the "must have" Samsung Galaxy S5  accessories.


samsung galaxy s5 chromecastThe Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is a unique device which can be used for multitude uses. Apart from using it to stream online video to your TV using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it can also be used to play multimedia files placed locally on your system. It is compatible with all major video steaming services such as YouTube, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix and also diverse operating systems of Android and iOS. Just plug in the Chrome Cast to your TV's HDMI port and connect your Galaxy S5 with the same wireless network as your TV. While it may not be apt as a mirroring device, the your Samsung Galaxy S5 can be used as a remote control enabling you to perform diverse functions like payback control, browsing the web, playing a game or even updating status on social media sites. With close to little or no hassle while setting up the connection, the ChromeCast is the quint essential accessory for your Galaxy S5. ChromeCast has more than 15,000 reviews on Amazon and it's being sold for just $35 (UK:£35).

Wireless Charging Cover

galaxy s5 s view wireless charging coverThe highly innovative and easy to use wireless charging cover is just one of the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S5. With the wireless charging cover being exactly of the same thickness and similar built as the original cover, furthermore, it does not alter the overall beauty of the Galaxy S5. The wireless charging cover can be installed easily just by removing the normal battery cover and replacing it with the former. With a revolutionary inductive charging technology in place, the cover can get the phone charged without using the traditional cables. Just place your Galaxy S5 on the charging pad and you're done. The case is available on Amazon for $29.99 however, Wireless Charging S-View cover is starting from $69.99. Charging Pads starts from $24.99, but if you want the official Samsung Qi Wirelesses Charging Pad you would pay $44.98 for it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories: Samsung Gear 2

samsung gear 2 galaxy s5Extremely light in weight, the new Samsung Gear 2 is a much improved version of the previous Gear series and is well worth the price. The Gear 2 just like its precursor comprises of a wristwatch and is available in contemporary colours like black, Orange, Gold Brown and silver with changeable bands for more personalized experience. It enables the user to read content, view photographs, make and receive calls and carry out communication seamlessly without even handling the phone. The wristwatch features a 1.63 inch Super AMOLED screen, IR blaster, stand-alone music player and 2MP camera capable of shooting full HD 720p videos. It can also be used as fitness equipment helpful for monitoring and providing inputs on the efficacy of your daily exercise patterns. The Fitness motivator is one of the most sophisticated features of the Gear 2, sporting Heart rate monitor, pedometer and other S Health features. Also, it can be used as a remote control for your TV and does support 3rd party apps, so the sky is the limit. The Galaxy Gear 2 also comes with the phone finder feature which can be a life saver for people who tend to misplace their phones inadvertently. You can get you hands on the Gear 2 for $299. If you don't need a camera, you can get the budget version Gear 2 Neo for $199.

Samsung Gear Fit

samsung gear fit galaxy s5The Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker is basically a stylish wrist watch which is a wee bit thicker than a normal watch. However its light weight saves the day and can be used to keep a track of each of your daily activities. Equipped with a heart rate sensor and a pedometer, the Samsung Gear Fit provides real time updates so that you can actively support and motivate yourself towards your fitness goals. Apart from assisting in basic fitness related activities, it can be synced with the Galaxy S5 in order to take care of basic functions such as rejecting calls with messages, instant replying to messages and for controlling alarms. Its customizable screen enables the apps to be arranged as per the user’s preferences. Active people need not have to worry about going for adventures wearing this lovely gadget, as it's dust and water resistant proof and is (IP67) certified. The Gear Fit is available on Amazon for $199 but you'll get $75 Amazon Gift Card when you purchase it, so grab this offer before it's too late and enjoys one of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories out there.

PowerGen External Battery Charger

external battery charger galaxy s5 powergenWith smartphones being equipped with a huge full HD display screens and a high MegaPixel cameras that are loaded with more and more features, the charge is progressively becoming a tough manufacturing challenge to master. Although the Galaxy S5 has an inbuilt power and ultra-power saving mode, it makes more sense to invest in an External battery charger. Available in multiple power specification up to 12000 mAh, however the 5200 mAh is the most preferred buy. Also known as the Mobile Juice Pack, the design of the external battery charger is pretty functional. Apart from charging your Samsung Galaxy S5, it can be used to charge several other devices like Tablets and iPad. Extremely handy and weighing at just 4.4 ounces, it is an ideal companion for the GS5 over long road trips or camping expeditions. The PowerGen is available on Amazon for $29.99 (Amazon UK: £19).

Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset

galaxy s5 bluetooth headset plantronic m50 galaxy s5 accessoriesThe Plantronics M50 is one of the most popular headset devices and can be used to stream audio from your phone and make distortion free calls and is ideal both for indoor as well as outdoor usage. Blessed with a long battery life, it provides nearly 11 hours of uninterrupted talk time and 16 days of standby time. The standard equipment comprises of a micro USB charger that can be a very adept ally for regular travellers. The set-up with the phone is fairly simple and in this era wherein people tend to use multiple phones, this headset has a unique feature known as the Multipoint that enables you to pair it simultaneously with 2 phones and permits you to answer calls or receive audio from either phone by a single click of a button. The Bluetooth connectivity is also fairly good and provides crackle free audio reception even from a distance. Covered by a 1 year limited warranty, the Plantronics M50 priced pretty reasonably ($28.98) is arguably the perfect headset that you can get for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

UNU Unity Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Case

galaxy s5 battery case unuThe highly simplistic and basic looking UNU Unity battery case comes with an inbuilt high capacity 2800 mAh Lithium Ion battery which nearly doubles the existing battery life of your device making it one of the most important Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories ever. The case is very well designed and although it compromises on the thickness of the device, it seamlessly gels in with the Galaxy S5 making it its own. With the additional battery being a rapid charge model, it does not add up to the existing charging time of the original Samsung S5 battery and sometimes the user would not even realize that he is charging two batteries simultaneously rather than just the one. Apart from the increased battery life, the battery case provides much needed protection from smudges, accidental falls and unintentional misuse. Last but not least, the case is sold for $69.95 on Amazon.

Samsung Desktop Dock

Samsung Desktop Dock galaxy s5The Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Desktop Charging Dock includes a power adapter, a USB cable which is encompassed in a Samsung box that has a flip cover that doubles up as the docking unit. The alignment is very easy and once the phone is plugged in with the dock (even with the S View cover on), the handset can be operated in a customizable desktop mode which permits you to arrange the icons and other features while being docked. The user can see weather updates, play sounds, and take calls while charging the phone on the dock. Although there have been some complaints regarding the fitting of the phone on the dock or the flimsy nature of the dock, however with the multiple functionalities available with the Desktop Dock; it is without a doubt a gadget worth having for your Galaxy S5. The dock is sold for $25.15 with 50% off right now on Amazon.

iOttie Car Holder

galaxy s5 ottie car holder sasmsung galaxy s5 accessoriesThe iOttie Holder has been a reliable mount especially for large screen phones such as Galaxy S5 and  Galaxy Note 3. Easy to mount onto the dashboards of the car, the holder locks on to the phone literally by the push of a button. The suction cup provided with the mount comes with a sticky adhesive that helps fix it even more securely than other car holders. It withstands constant acceleration and deceleration and jerks without the danger of it coming off. Its specially designed adjustable hinges enables rotation of close to 360 degrees thus ensuring the best viewing from virtually any possible angle. The iOttie comes with a simple lock and release button which can easily release the phone when you so desire. With an understated and slim built, it does not bear resemblance to its huge and bulky predecessors. The product comes with a 90 day warranty ensuring that you can get it replaced in case some faults creep up. In addition to that, its affordable cost (Amazon US:$19.99 | Amazon UK:£20) makes it just the ideal and most effective in-car companion and scurrying after falling phones while driving would be a thing of the distant past.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit

galaxy s5 extra charger kitTo make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S5 never runs out of power, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit is the answer. It comes with a spare 2,800 mAh battery which is identical to the one in the Samsung S5, an external charging unit and a stand in which you can mount your phone which doubles up as a reliable desk stand as well. Its portability is another ace upon its sleeves and enables it to be carried around easily while travelling. By the use of the extra battery kit, you will not run the risk of draining your phone battery entirely out of charge thus increasing the shelf life of your batteries. On the lighter side, doubling up the battery back up on batteries is a very effective way to prevent spending your phone’s “valuable” time charging it in a predictably conventional way connected to a wall socket. This must have Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory is available for sale on Amazon and it's sold for $49.99.

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