Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Armband Cases

After the release of the Samsung galaxy S5 increased attention on fitness was noted, you can now check your heart rate using the built-in sensor and there is also the S-Health app that will keep track of your daily workouts as well as keeping your health on check. for these reasons, the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S5 Armband was a must. The armbands for the Samsung galaxy S5 made to fit the phone’s large size making it fully accessible. The armbands are easy to put on and require no special skills, just a little bit of common sense will do the trick. Some of the common features that you will find in all sports armbands are: cutouts both on top and on the bottom for the phone’s ports specially the headphones one. Normally, those armbands are made of lightweight material; therefore, they will not add any bulk on you while working out. The straps will allow air to pass through them thus eliminating that stuffy feeling that you may have if no air went through. All the sports arms will give you full access to your screen and you will have full control of the phone functionality as if it was on your palm.

Here is a list of some of the top armbands available in the market for your Samsung Galaxy S5, they have been tested and proven to be safe and that they will not leave any permanent marks on your arm even after a prolong usage time.

Iwotou Gym Armband

iwotou armband for galaxy s5Iwotou protective Gym running jogging sport armband for Samsung galaxy S5 is made of waterproof neoprene stretchable material, which is washable and sweat resistant. It also has a Velcro cover band that makes it easily adjustable and is perfect for listening to audio while walking, jogging, and cycling or when at the gym. Due to the fact that the armband is solely designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5 it is able to clutch on to the phone and prevent it from shaking and damage. For those who would like to carry their house key or the gym locker key the armband comes along with a single key holder that lets you keep it in a safe place. After purchasing the product, you will get free cleaning cloth as well as a wristband. The good thing about his armband is that it can fit your phone if it was in a slim case. The case is available for sale on Amazon for $9.98.

Engive Anti-slip Sport Armband

galaxy s5 armbandThis Samsung Galaxy S5 armband is made of water and sweat resistant neoprene material that is flexible and is meant for the arm only. The strap is adjustable and fits all arm sizes, which makes it very comfortable. With this armband case, you will enjoy your time while jogging, walking, cycling or doing any activity that relates to fitness. The Engive Anti-slip Sports Armband can only fit on the new Samsung galaxy S5 so it is sure to hold the phone in place snugly and prevent any damage that may occur from falling when shaking viciously. like the Iwotou Gym armband the Engive Anti-slip Sports Armband also comes along with a single key holder which you will need if your want to keep your gym locker key or house key close to you as you exercise. The case is already on sale on Amazon for just $9.50 (Amazon UK: £5.98).

Shocksock Reflective Sports Armband

galaxy s5 armband caseThe shocksock reflective sports armband custom made for Samsung galaxy S5 is completed with a watertight material that is actually machine washable. The material used is also reflective, can be seen in the dark and this will add on to your safety when running or exercising during the night, it will also allow you to play your audio files or listen to radio as you walk, run or when riding your bike. It also comes along with a dual arm size slots to ensure that you get maximum adjustability.  The armband will allow your Samsung Galaxy S5 to have the case on while using it and finally, it is sold on Amazon for an affordable price of just $9.95 (Amazon UK: £7.99)

HHI Samsung Galaxy S5 Armband

hhi samsung galaxy s5 gym armband caseThe ultra comfortable and trendy HHI armband allows you to carry your Samsung galaxy S5 anywhere at the same time keeping your S5 free from dents, cosmetic damage and scratches. The strap is universal meaning that it can fit in most people’s arms while maintaining comfort. The front is covered with a clear wrap that is convenient and you will be allowed unlimited access to the touch screen. The armband is made of a washable material and come along with a perforated design to let the moisture out. The armband features a key holder and precise cutout around ports making it easy to connect your headphones. Also, you can use this armband with your case on even if was the Otterbox Defender. Finally, the case is sold for $8.99 on Amazon.

Ionic Active Sport Armband Case

iconic galaxy s5 armbandThe Ionic sport armband case for Samsung galaxy S5 is undoubtedly one for the best-designed armband for the new Samsung Galaxy S5. The armband is made of stretchable material, which is thick to ensure that your S5 is protected for damage and at the same time adding on to your comfort. You will enjoy listing to your audio files as you jog, walk or when in the gym working out, the product allows for easy sliding while putting it on the arm. The ionicAarmband for the Samsung S5  comes with a variety of bright colours such as blue, pink, purple and orange. It is also compactable with most Galaxy S5 cases. The case is sold for relatively cheap price of just $4.85 (UK: £5.85) on Amazon, so grab a bargain before it's too late.

Gear Beast Nylon/Neoprene Armband for Samsung Galaxy

samsung galaxy s5 armbandThe name suggests two important things, one the armband is made of nylon and neoprene, which makes it both watertight and sweat resistant. The second great feature about it is, it can be custom made for any phone within the Samsung Galaxy family. The improved multi position straps fits arms with a circumference of about 7 to 20 inches but if your arm is bigger than 16 inches you can still use the product but you will be required to use the included armband strap extender. The enhanced loop and hook, which are made of neoprene, help to keep your S5 secure while providing a comfort against your skin and at the same time keeping sweat away from your phone. The nylon protects your phone from damage while the vinyl guards your screen from scratches that might damage the sensitive screen. The good thing is you can still use your phone case on this armband. The case is sold for $12.99 on Amazon.

Neoprene Sweat Resistant Exercise Armband

sweat resistant galaxy s5 armbandThis high quality neoprene sweat resistant exercise jogging armband for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a durable and lightweight that keeps your Samsung Galaxy S5 secure. It is perfectly designed to allow you to view the phone from the right side up or the upside down. The durable armband made of neoprene can comfortably accommodate men and women whose arm width range between 9 and 17 inches and will allow you to connect your headphone comfortably while you jog, walk and when exercising in the gym. The clear cover protects the phone from scratches and damage and at the same time allowing you to get full touch screen functionality. The case can be bought from Amazon for $14.99.

Sport Armband for Galaxy S5

gear beats galaxy s5 armbandThis armband is made from a watertight neoprene material that is elastic, which will enable you to carry your Samsung Galaxy S5 comfortably. The product is fully adjustable and you will be able to listen to audio files while jogging or walking. The arbmand specifically designed to be used along with the Samsung Galaxy S5 it will holds the phone in place snugly and prevents damage caused by shaking. You will not have to remove the case when using the sport armband since it is large enough and you will be able to fit your phone together with the case if it's a slim one. The armband comes with a key pouch to carry your car, house or gym locker key and get this, you can also carry cash. How great is that? It is also worth mentionening that it's washable, has reflective logo and sold for $15.99 on Amazon.

Tune Belt Armband

samsung galaxy s5 armband sports caseThe tune belt armband is a universal product, which is made of neoprene making it comfortable and durable. The product is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 armbands available in the market. It can accommodate phones with the length size of between 5.4 to 5.8 inches. The cushioned armband helps to stabilize and prevent damage to your phone at the same time keeping the armband tight around your arm. The front has a see through cover which allows you to enjoy full screen control and there is a flap that you can use to manage the earphones cord. With the tune belt armband, you are able to adjust to your preferred arm width, which is limited to 16 inches, but if your arm’s width exceeds 16 inches, you can actually buy an arm extender, which is sold separately. This armband is one of the most expensive ones (Amazon: $17.95), but it worth every penny with regard to the number of great review it has. One last thing that you should consider before buy this product is the fact that you can only use it without a case unlless it's very slim, meaning you will have to remove the casing if you want to use it.

iGadgitz Armband for Samsung Galaxy S5

igadgetz samsung galaxy s5 armbandThe iGadgitz black neoprene armband for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a custom-made, waterproof armband designed for your S5 and it will surely meet your all needs. The armband prevents damage by keeping the phone in place snugly. The product also allows you to have full control of your phone’s touch screen functionality. This armband allows you to put your Samsung Galaxy S5 together with the case and you do not have to remove it when you want to use the iGadgitz armband. There is also an open pocket that lets you hold your earphones in place. The iGadgitz armband is made with the different arm width that people have in mind and will comfortably fit most people. Finally yet importantly, this armband is one of the cheapest available on hte market and you get it for just $7.99 on Amazon.


The above list includes some of the best armbands available in the market, all of them have been tailor made to fit your Samsung galaxy S5 at the same time making your work out sessions unforgettable since you will be able to listen to your favorite radio station or play your favorite audio files. All the products all made from material that will have no effect on you or your phone. So if you or someone you know is looking for a trouble-free and convenient way to carry along the Samsung galaxy S5 at the gym or out biking then look no further, because sports armbands are here.

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