Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip Covers

The new Samsung S5 needs a high quality case to protect it from numerous accidents and to add extra stylish fashion elements to make it even more outstanding, and Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip Cover maybe the perfect candidate for this task.

This article looks at the best Samsung Galaxy S5 flip covers in the market right now, that will be updated frequently.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 S View Cover

galaxy s5 s view coverThis Samsung Galaxy S5 flip cover with window is the perfect blend of durability and functionality. It features an interactive viewing window on the front that allows you to view important information on your phone without having to open the case. With a display window for seeing time, battery notifications, and date, and the ability to receive and reject calls without having to open the case, making the Samsung S5 S-View flip cover is a perfect combination of convenience and protection.

The official Samsung Galaxy S5 S View Cover is only available for sale on eBay, to check the prices. Some cheaper alternatives are also available on .

 This S5 View cover for Galaxy S5 is also with an auto wake function that will power on the device when you flip-open the cover. When you close the case, your Smartphone will go into sleep mode thus preserving its battery life.

The back of this cover easily snaps on, replacing your device’s standard battery cover, without making your phone bulky.

If you decided to , Don't forget to get Spigen Magnetic Clip to secure the flip from opening, as this is one of the drawback of both the S View and Flip cover.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View case is available in multiple color choices; to match anyone’s personality. Even the most fashion-sensitive users will find a case matching their respective personal style.

2. Galaxy S5 Case Flip View from Spigen

Spigen galaxy s5 flip s viewThe Spigen Flip View is a Samsung Galaxy S5 flip cover which is a blend of Slim Armor and the S-View Cover that provides a new and innovative flip case specifically designed to boost user experience.

The Galaxy S5 Slim Armor View case offers complete protection for your S5. It incorporates the dual layered Slim Armor case and includes a polycarbonate flip cover to help protect your device from accidentals drops and scratches. Since the removable flip cover is attached by a special hinge, you can fold the cover all the way back with ease.

The Slim Armor View also features auto sleep/wake function when the cover is closed and opened. The view window and inbuilt access to the home button allows you to receive incoming calls and notifications without opening the cover case. The optimal and sophisticated design makes this case one of a kind. The case is still not available for sale at the time of writing. The case is selling for under $20 on Amazon and eBay.


6. Bear Motion Folio Case for Galaxy S5

galaxy s5 folio caseBearMotion premium flip case for Galaxy S5 is an inexpensive, efficient little case that looks professional and feels good in hand. It features nice cut out around the camera, heartbeat sensor and the speaker. I liked the big clasp to securely hold the phone in the case. The case is versatile and flexible, as it can be used as Stand view, Wallet and of course flip case. Overall, Bear Motion for Galaxy S5 is well designed, has a quality feel, closes securely and can genuinely provide the protection you need for your device. The case is available in 5 different colours such as Grean, Black, Pink, Purple and Blue. This flip case from BearMotion is sold with very affordable price of just $9.99 on Amazon

3. Galaxy S5 Cygnett FiberFlip Case

Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip coverCygnett FiberFlip case for Galaxy S5 features a deluxe, micro-fiber that consistently wraps around your Galaxy S5 to help guard it against harsh drops & scraping. The ultra-slim, counter-sunk card-holder maintains a low-profile, whereas the snap on chassis liberates you to receive incoming calls with the cover closed. It is convenient since it allows you to carry a credit card with you in the credit card pocket any time you are on the go. Cygnett Fiber Flip for Galaxy S5 is also with a screen protector to keep your device’s screen looking brand new.

This FiberFlip Galaxy S5 cover is designed to allow access to all ports and functions thus providing desired levels of convenience. Of all Cygnett’s folio-style cases, FiberFlip stands out thanks to its design, soft feel and its ability to provide complete device protection. For me, it has the most eye-catching design. The case is not yet available for sale, but will update once we hear from Cygnett

4. Obliq Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip Cover

obliq flip case galaxy s5Obliq’s Brosse series case is extremely slim, form-fitting flip cover designed with simple and minimalistic design. Designed with a luxurious brushed metallic-patterned material, this case adds elegant and professional style to your device. To maximize the usability, the case has interactive viewing window that allows you to easily access the important information on your device such as battery status, signal, caller ID as well as to accept or reject calls without opening the cover. Magnetic embedded cover also triggers auto sleep/awake feature of the device.

Other features of Obliq Galaxy S5 flip cover such as easy access to controls, ear piece cut out, and card slot help benefit the user of all the original functions of the device. The screen protector will help protect your phone from harsh drops and scraping. It’s available in different colors to cater for almost each user’s preferences. Stay tuned to keep updated when the case will be available for sale.

5. Yousave Leather Flip Case for Galaxy S5

galaxy s5 flip cover caseDesigned from premium quality PU leather, a sturdy, long-lasting material that provides protection from harm, this Samsung Galaxy S5 leather case is a remarkable option for ensuring that your device remains in top-notch condition for longer.

You will find this case easy to use, thanks to a plastic built-in holder that allows you to always hold your device securely in place consequently providing enhanced stability during use.

This case is also tailored to be as lightweight & unobtrusive as possible to ensure that your experience is as streamlined and as comfortable as it can be.

Yousave PU leather cover for Galaxy S5 has numerous convenient utilities packaged into its frame, including a magnetic clasp at the front of the wallet for easy flip access to the touch-screen, and a cut-out port in the back of its frame, enabling constant access to the 16-Megapixel camera of the Galaxy S5.

As a wallet case, though, a core utility feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5 leather case is the internal storage pockets packaged into its frame, which enable you to keep your money and credit card as securely protected as your Galaxy S5. The case is sold for ridiculously cheap price of only $1.59 (£1.99) from Amazon.


7. Galaxy S5 Incipio Watson Wallet

incipio wallet case galaxy s5Incipio Watson wallet for Galaxy S5 case is designed with an eco-friendly vegan front leather case for added style and comprehensive coverage. It also features 3 card slots to offer convenience and portability for credit cards, ID and cash.

Innovative flash diffusing camera cut-outs are incorporated into the removable feather case & folio back to cater for the photos you expect from your Samsung Galaxy S5. A clear screen protector also comes with this case to guard your phone against scratches.

The good thing about this Galaxy S5 flip cover that it can adapt to any situation, whether you use it for travel, business or a night out. Its users have simply embraced simplicity. Will update you when the case becomes available for sale.

The case is available in brown, Blue, Black and other colour variation and it's sold for $44.99 on Amazon

8. i-Blason Flip Cover for Galaxy S5

i-blason flip cover for galaxy s5i-Blason’s Leather Pocket case is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S5 Flip covers that it is designed with holster clip swivels and sturdy looking mechanism to keep your device in place. You can easily remove your phone from the holster without having to remove it from the case.

What is more, this rubberized textured cover will add protection to your phone and make it easy to grip it. The shell holster and back cover design with kick stand are featured for video watching.

The case is out and available in 6 colours and it sold for less than $7 on Amazon for now so grab it before it retails with full price again.

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