Best Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cases

Your Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone is an investment worthy protection from external elements that might spoil its glossy appearance and worse still its functionality. For that reason, you need to buy a good case or a screen protector that will protect your smartphone and still allow access to all its functions. Galaxy Alpha cases and screen protectors are made from protective materials that guard against moisture, accidental spills, dust, lint, scratches and cracks from bangs. With the right case for your Samsung Galaxy Alpha, you can easily slide the phone in tight jeans pockets or in your bag without worry of scratches from keys or other accessories.

The following are examples of Galaxy Alpha Cases and screen protectors that you can consider buying:

#1 Spigen Metalized Buttons

galaxy alpha spigen caseThis Spigen case will give your Samsung Galaxy Alpha protection for a long period of time from its robust Polycarbonate and TPU cover that guards against accidental drops and scratches. For extra bang protection, the cover features air cushion technology on all 4 corners. The cover’s case includes an edge that goes well around the phone’s screen to allow you place your device on almost any flat surface. The case comes with cut-outs that match your phone’s ports; you don’t have to remove the case when accessing the ports of the phone. The case also offers protection for the phone’s camera as it covers its lens. Another unique feature about the Sipigen case is its stylish metalized polycarbonate buttons. The Spigen Galaxy Alpha case comes in satin silver color to suit your formal and casual needs. The case’s color does not show dirt easily. You can buy the cover for only $17.99 and save your phone from unforeseen damages.

#2  REDShield Silicon Cover

galaxy alpha tpu caseThis Galaxy Alpha Case is made from a slim, flexible and non-stretch Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material which easily takes the form of your phone. The TPU material is scratch resistant and cushions your Galaxy Alpha from damaging drops and bangs. The silicone material is also light in weight and allows you to use your phone with it dressed. The case is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha (2014). The slim fit of the REDShield case allows easy access to your phone’s buttons and ports. The case’s rubberized matt finish allows you easily grip or slide your phone in and out of pockets without attracting dust or lint. The REDShield Galaxy Alpha Case is available in vibrant black color which does not attract unnecessary attention. You can buy this case for $12.99. You can enjoy a 30-Day guarantee for your money and a 12 month replacement warranty with the REDShield Galaxy Alpha case just incase it does not conform to your expectations.


caseformers galaxy alpha caseThe CASEFORMERS Duo Armor Case and Holster is ideal for the protection of your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The case is made from a durable hard silicone shell which allows you a good grip. The case’s groove design enhances grip and looks stylish. Additionally, the armor case protects your Galaxy Alpha from scratches and bad bumps that may damage the internal features of your device. Additional features in the CASEFORMERS Duo Armor Case that lack in many phone cases is the double viewing stands on the holster and on the case which allows you a hands free viewing on your phone from different angles. The case also comes with an adjustable belt clip. You can well access your Samsung’s Alpha Galaxy’s ports, jacks and other features from the CASEFORMERS precise cut-outs. A budget of less than $30.00 will get you the CASEFORMERS Duo Armor case with its elegant black color.

#4 Spigen Air Cushioned Bumper

spigen air cushion galaxy alpha caseYour Samsung Galaxy Alpha can be dressed with the new Spigen’s Air Cushioned Bumper ; one of the best Galaxy Alpha cases in the market. This case is made out of Polycarbonate and TPU materials for extra protection. The Galaxy Alpha case comes in a sleek design which is also scratch resistant. The back panel is stylish and hard enough to guard against bumps while the edge is made flexible to allow ease of installation and removal of the cover. Accessing your devices control features like buttons and speakers or ports should not be hard considering the case’s perfect fit and precise cutouts matching the access points. You can buy the Spigen’s Galaxy Alpha case for a price not exceeding $9.00. The new case comes in a soft clear back panel. A screen protector for Galaxy Alpha comes with this clear case from Spigen. The clear backing of the case has a protective film on its back and front which you should remove before you begin using your new case for your Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

#5 KHOMO ARMOR Case for Galaxy Alpha

samsung galaxy alpha casesThe Galaxy Alpha Case is made of a hard PC combined with TPU. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane material is light in weight and flexible enough to take all the four corners of your phone for protection. The cover’s light weight does not add extra bulkiness to your phone. The armor cover also offers extra PC protection on your Alpha Galaxy’s back. The KHOMO case allows easy access to all of your smartphones buttons, ports, camera, speakers and other essential features through its well crafted cutouts. Yet another unique feature of the KHOMO Armor Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cases is a built in kickstand that will give you a hands free operation. The case has a sleek design that gives your phone a stylish look and slides well in pockets. You can get the Armor cover from KHOMO in black color. You can buy the cover for less than $10.00 and enjoy free shipping and 5 years warranty.

#6 LK Samsung Wallet Case

Samsung galaxy alpha wallet caseThe Samsung Galaxy Alpha wallet case from LK is made from PU leather which is tear-resistant and long lasting. The leather material is light in weight and stylish in design. The leather casing protects your phone from dust, lint and scratches. The casing is also made with shock absorbent technology that prevents damage to your Alpha Galaxy from everyday bumps. The case has a screen protector to keep off fingerprint marks on your phone’s glass hardware and other forms of daily dirt. LK’s Wallet case for Galaxy Alpha is available in elegant brown color. Additional and unique features in the Samsung Galaxy Alpha PU leather case from LK case include a Samsung phone’s stand, holder function and in-built card slots to keep your cards and money. You can access all your phones functions without need of removing the leather case. LK’s Samsung Galaxy Alpha wallet cover can be bought for as little as $6.00.

#7 TUDIA Bumper Protective Case

galaxy alpha silicon caseThe TUDIA Bumper Protective Case is an ultra slim cover that offers protection for the Galaxy Alpha. This cover will keep your smartphone new and protect it from scratches, dings and moisture. The TUDIA case is made from high quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is a rubberized gel silicone material. The rubberized material is flexible enough to take the contours of your phone and will not affect the functionality of your phone; you can access all the ports and buttons of your device without undressing it. The TUDIA protective case features raised edges which give extra protection to your phone’s screen. You can therefore place your phone on its screen without worry of scratches or grease marks. The TPU material is not bulky and offers a nice grip of your valuable wireless device. This TPU case for Galaxy Alpha comes in teal color and is sold at $ 14.98.

#8 Flip Cover Case

galaxy alpha wallet caseThisa flip case from Poetic is only compatible with the 2014 models for Samsung Galaxy Alpha. This case is made from durable PU leather which is shock-resistant. The front cover is made from synthetic leather that offers nice grip and is soft in touch. The leather interior is lined with soft microfiber that will not scratch your phone’s screen. The back of the case is made from tough polycarbonate shell which installs easily and offers extra protection from accidental drop and bumps. The case is made in a flip-style which can be converted into a viewing stand. You can buy the cover for less than $10.00. The flip case for Samsung Alpha Galaxy comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. You can get the PU leather flip case in black or magenta colors which give your phone an outstanding professional flair.

#9 Terrapin Case

tpu case for galaxy alphaThis case is made from tough plastic with a rubberized finish which gives your device perfect fit without affecting its functionality. The casing has minimal bulk and protects your phone from damaging elements not limited to scratches, dirt and liquids. The matte finish allows you to easily slide your device in your pocket and does not attract build-up of dust or lint like in some silicone covers. The rubber casing comes with custom cut-outs that allow you to access most of your phones features without need to remove the cover. It is very easy to dress or change your Samsung Galaxy Alpha with the Terrapin case without any tools. You can buy the Terrapin rubberized case for your Samsung Galaxy for as little as $5.95 and enjoy free shipping. Finally, this Galaxy Alpha cover is available in solid black color.

#10 ToPerk Cyber Grid Armor Case

galaxy alpha hard caseThis case is made out of quality polycarbonate (PC) material combined with soft silicone which protects your smartphone from bumps, scratches and dirt. It is very easy to install or remove the case and all its four material-free corners offers enough tension for the task. The corners of the case also feature air cushion technology which adds extra protection from drops. The Toperk case protects your Galaxy’s Alpha phone screen by its raised edges which elevate your device when it’s resting on its front. Precision cutouts allow usage of all your phone’s features with the cover on. The Cyber Grid Armor Case for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha  can be bought for as low as $5.00. The Toperk case is available in teal or Cyber Grid color. orgot to mention the  ToPerk Stylus pen which an important accessory that comes with the ToPerk Cyber Grid Armor Case.

#11 Cimo’s S Line

samsung galaxy alpha gel s line casesThis cover from Cimo is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Alpha cases . This case is made out of a high quality shatterproof TPU material. The material is not only long lasting but absorbs shock just incase your phone drops. The case has a patterned bumper which offers nice grip and anti-slip protection. The TPU material is light in weight and its flexible nature makes it easy to install and remove your device’s cover in future. The Cimo’s Galaxy Alpha case also features precise cutouts that allow easy access to all of your phones controls and other features. Your Samsung Galaxy’s screen is protected when placed on its face through the beveled edges of the case. The current price for the Cimo’s Galaxy Alpha case for your Samsung phone does not exceed $10.00. The case comes in a unique wave clear shade and other personalized colors to suit your style.


#12 E-Time Armor Series

hard case galaxy alphaThe E-Time Samsung Galaxy Alpha Armor Series can match your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The case features a hybrid 3-in 1 armor construction that offers multiple protections. These include a removable exterior swivel clip, robust polycarbonate body that resists impact and a soft interior made of silicone which is also shock-absorbent. The case has an eco-friendly resin material which offers nice grip and protects your wireless device from spills, grease, dust, grease, fingerprint marks and other external hazardous elements. The case is very light in weight and fits easily around your phone. You can find easy access to your phone’s ports, camera, buttons and headjack. The G850 Armor Case also features a kickstand that allows flexible positioning when viewing your phone or when carrying it. The case is available in black and red colors and with a budget of $10.00, you can give your Samsung Galaxy Alpha an extra life from this unique case. .

#13 Galaxy Alpha Screen Protector

samsung galaxy alpha screen protectorThe Galaxy Alpha Screen Protector is designed for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and can fit other smartphones. This Invisible Defender is made from Premium Japanese PET material that is non-yellowing. This material is easy to install on your phone and requires no tools to stick on your phone’s screen. The Invisible Defender is the sleekest of all screen protectors that will offer you High Definition clarity while at the same time protecting your phone from scratches. The screen protector will still allow you to use sophisticated touch technology on your smartphone. The Invisible Defender screen protector is easy to clean if you want to clear smudges or dirt from its surface compared to other types of screen shields. The Invisible screen protector package includes 3 protectors and one extra free. You can still show off your entire phone’s features with the screen protector on. You can buy this Galaxy Alpha screen protector from Rearth for less than $5.00.

#14 Mr. Shield

mr shield samsung galaxy alpha screen protectorThis screen protector from Mr. Shield can provide your Samsung Galaxy Alpha with superior protection. The matte screen has an anti-glare feature which allows you to use your device even in the outdoors or in brightly lit rooms. Mr. Shield’s screen protector is easy to install and has an ideal size to cover the whole of your screen. The screen protector is bubble free and can be used with high tech adhesives. The protector comes in a 3 - pack and a lifetime warranty. You can buy the clear screen protector for less than $1.00 and prolong the life of your Samsung Galax Alpha or other phone. Unlike most screen protectors, Mr. Shield attracts no fingerprint marks on its surface and can easily be cleaned to remove dust. The surface is also scratch-resistant from its 4 H hard-coated technology. This Samsung Galaxy screen protector has a lifetime replacement warranty just incase of non-fit sizes, bubbles or damages.

#15 Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy AlphaThe Nano Glass is an ideal screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy Alpha and is 3 times stronger than an ordinary PET film. This unique protector allows excellent HD ultra-clear display even in direct sunlight. A unique feature about this glass screen protector is the ability to withstand impact from sharp objects like blades or keys in your bag. The glass protector also resists scratches, shatters, falls and shock. The screen can as well resist water and oil. The hard glass surface screen will not interfere with the functionality of your touch screen. It is very easy to install the Nano glass screen protector which is also accompanied by an alcohol wipe and a micro-fiber fabric for polishing your device’s screen. The glass film comes in safe 2.5D rounded corners and is designed in 0.3mm Ultra-thinness for perfect fit. You can buy this screen protector for Galaxy Alpha for a price not exceeding $10.90.

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