What Is The Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector?

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is a remarkable phone, and many individuals want to protect its brilliant AMOLED screen with the best Samsung Galaxy S5 screen protector available. Some cases have a built in screen protector, but if you don’t like the extra bulk and weight of a case, you can still keep your device safe from scratches, smudges, and other damage with one of the best Galaxy S5 screen protectors rated below.

For ultimate device protection and privacy, consider installing a tempered glass screen protector. It can assist in the prevention of damage, allowing you to enjoy your device damage-free for as long as possible.

9. Spigen Steinheil for Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Spigen SteinheilSpigen Steinheil screen protector for Galaxy S5 is a premium-quality screen protector designed to protect your device’s screen from scratches and scuffs. This protector offers the best clarity and it’s hard coated to guard your S5 against scratches. In fact, it is 25 percent thicker than its predecessor for an enhanced scratch-proof.

While installing the Spigen Steinheil ultra crystal protector, you will encounter zero bubbles and zero rainbow effects. The micro-fiber cloth included is utilized to wipe away accumulated fingerprints from daily use. The good thing about this screen protector that it doesn't interfere with the responsiveness of your touch screen at all. The protector is available now on Amazon for $10.99 (UK: £10.99)

8. Tech Armor Clear Screen Protector

tech armor galaxy s5 screen protectorThis Samsung Galaxy S5 screen protector advances the highest transparency while guarding your device’s screen against scratches and scrapes. It is also with TruTouch sensitivity feature that realizes a natural feel that consequently provides perfect touch-screen precision.

Tech Armor screen protector for Galaxy S5 will keep your Smartphone dust-free thanks to its ability to repel dirt, dust and other debris. The wear and tear state of your S4’s AMOLED display screen is also greatly reduced thus maintaining it in a desirable condition for longer.

Tech Armor high definition screen protectors will prove a tad difficult to install. The installation process will be smooth and with zero bubbles; thanks to the premium quality PET film these screen protectors are made from. Sticky residue will not be left on your device’s screen in case you remove or replace this screen protector.

Amazingly, these screen protectors come with replacement warranties that cover installation problems, damaged protectors, as well as wear and tear. The replacement will be given at no extra cost. The protector is available for 80% off on Amazon for just $5 now (£20 on Amazon UK)

7. Mpero Screen Protector for Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy s5 screen protectorSamsung Galaxy S5 screen protector from Mpero guards your device's screen against scratches, dirt, and dust accumulated from daily use. Thanks to the included applicator, you will find it easy to apply and use this protector. Mpero screen protector is also with a self-adhesive backing that’s tasked with holding it in place. It leaves no sticky residue when removed/replaced. Mpero screen protector for Galaxy S5 is a perfect-fit with any case thanks to its precision-cut.

What is more, a lint-free cleaning cloth has been included that you can utilize to wipe away fingerprints accumulated from device’s daily use. Routine screen wiping as part of maintenance will help maintain the screen in a desirable state for a relatively longer time. If you want a perfectly clear, bubble free screen protectors, then Mpero screen protectors are for you.

The case is under offer of 95% off for just $0.99 (UK: £0.95)

 6. iSmooth Galaxy S5 Screen Protector

ismooth screen protector for galaxy s5iSmooth screen-protector for Galaxy S5 is made from superior quality PET-film for a clear, long-lasting screen protection. It helps guard your device against scrapes, dirt and dust that can potentially harm your Smartphone.

iSmooth guarantees that you will encounter zero bubbles while installing this screen protector. In fact, you will find a link to an installation video that will show step by step instructions that will guide you through a bubble-free installation. This screen protector is the easiest to install. Once installed, the protector can stay on your Smartphone and outlast its use. It is that durable.

iSmooth screen protector is also backed by a lifetime replacement warranty that caters for damages and wear and tear. The price tag for this protector is $10.97 on Amazon.

5. Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

techskin screen protector for galaxy s5Constructed from thermoplastic-urethane film, the Skinomi TechSkin screen protector for Galaxy S5 is a tough screen protector with the capacity to resist the highest-level of abrasion. It is with no doubt the ultimate-protection for your device. It is virtually indestructible and immune to scuffs, nicks, and scratches; which can potentially harm your device’s screen. This flexible screen protector is HD Clear and goes on invisible. A smooth texture and feel makes it easy to navigate your device and you won’t be able to tell if a protector was applied or not.

Every Skinomi TechSkin screen protector comes with a 100 percent risk-free lifetime replacement warranty so that if your device’s protector wears off, gets damaged or scratched, you can have it replaced free of charge. The case is sold for $7.90 on Amazon (£9.95 on Amazon UK)

4. Tech Armor 4-Way Privacy

  privacy screen protector galaxy s5The Tech Armor 4-Way privacy screen protector for Galaxy S5 is designed to secure your device’s content in both portrait and landscape viewing modes. It also highlights a TrueTouch sensitivity feature that realizes a natural feel that’s crucial for flawless touch screen accuracy. You will be at peace knowing that your device’s screen is scratch and dust free thanks to the Tech Armor four way privacy screen protector. Consequently, your device will be maintained in top notch condition for an extended period of time.

The PET-film (Japanese) material that these screen protectors are constructed of allows for an easy, zero bubble installation. As aforementioned, this PET film will ensure that no residue is left when you eventually decide to have these screen protectors removed or replaced.

As with other Tech Armor screen protectors, 4-Way privacy screen protectors also come with replacement warranty. You will get a new replacement free of charge. This protector is on offer of 68% off making it just $7.95 on Amazon.


3. Invisible Defender for Galaxy S5

galaxy s5 screen protectorInvisible Defender's technology combines clarity and quality that is ideal for your Galaxy S5. It protects your Galaxy S5’s AMOLED display from unwanted scratches, keeps away dust and greatly reduces wear and tear signs to acceptable levels. It also features TouchTech sensitivity that functions to prevent delayed responsiveness for a natural, perfect touch.

This Galaxy S5 screen protector is constructed of superior PET Film material that guarantees an easy installation procedure, and with no glued residue should the screen protector be eventually removed or replaced. Invisible Defender screen protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and sold for $6.99 on Amazon (UK: £4.99)

2. SuperShieldz for Galaxy S5

supershield screen protector for galaxy s5Manufactured from optical grade crystal Film, the SuperShieldz screen protector for Galaxy S V is a perfect fit for your device thanks to its custom-cut.

This screen protector provides ultimate protection thanks to its three layer design: a scratch resistant surface polymer, an abrasive protective mask to prevent deep cuts damaging your device, and a silicone gel that’s with the ability to create a vacuum thus securely holding onto your device’ screen.

The case is available for sale for 78% off making it just under $2

1. Evercase Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Protector

galaxy s5 anti spy screen protectorThis Samsung Galaxy S5 screen protector maintains the privacy of your device’s screen whilst keeping the screen clean and unscratched. Whether you are on a plane, bus, train, or any crowded place, this Galaxy S5 screen protector will help protect and prevent your screen from unwanted peepers.

Protector screen protector for Galaxy S5 will leave no sticky residue when removed. Be sure to use the lint-free cleaning cloth included in the kit to wipe away accumulated fingerprints.

But what if you want share something with your friends? Simply, rotate your screen to landscape to enable public mode. This screen protector is on offer for just $4.95 on Amazon so grab it while you can

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