5 Top Selling Galaxy S5 DSStyles Cases

galaxy s5 eyelet s view coverMobile cases have evolved from being protective coverings to becoming individual style statements. Now it not only shields the phone from scratches and falls but is also a full-fledged fashion accessory. Due to the wide variety of style options available in the market, ladies often match their phone cases with their favourite dresses and bags. One of the leading online shops for mobile cases, DSStyles offers plenty of choices in terms of functionality and design. Short for Distinctive Style, DSstyles has more than 30 different style categories to choose from. From executives and fancy to flowers and luxury there is a case for every individual. The functional aspect of mobile cases has also improved over the years. The store features cases made from different high grade materials such as titanium and aluminium, which not only adds style and value to the phone but also offers a supreme level of protection. Thanks to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy series, Galaxy S5 DSStyles cases are one of the highest selling products. Let's checkout 5 top selling Galaxy S5 cases along with their unique features and styling aspects.

Waterproof Series

dsstyle galaxy s5 waterproof caseThese casings have a metal construction, which protects the phone from scratches, dusts and falls. One of the strongest and lightest products in the site, the case provides superior protection against water, snow and shock. The metal casing doesn't restrict usability and provides easy access to all the buttons. As an added layer of protection the casing comes with removable jack and dock plugs. These plugs protect these weak areas from dust and water when not in use. The waterproof series casings are perfect for people who have a passion for the outdoors. Perfectly fits Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other phone with similar dimensions, the casing is a must have product for any serious trekkers and campers. Although it's called the waterproof series, these casing are not meant for protecting the phone against complete submersion and thus not meant for diving. However, it does a pretty good job protecting the phone from heavy showers and splashes of water.

Construction: It has a full metal construction with a tempered glass screen protector in the front.

Target Customers: It's perfect for adventure lovers and people who work in a construction site and are exposed to a lot of dust.

Bumper Diamond Series

galaxy s5 bumper caseEasy to take on and off, these cases are made using silicone and polycarbonate. This casing is for everyday use and the gives a lot of color option to people who want to accessories. Apart from that case also provides a good level of dust and scratch protection. The design of the case enables easy access to all the buttons and ports, so there is no need to take it off under any circumstances. Available in a variety of colors such as red, pink, yellow, blue, and white, these cases are for people who like to change the color of their phone according to their mood and liking.

Construction: The colored frame is made from silicone while the middle portion is made using durable polycarbonate material.

Target Customers: This case is for everyday users who want the option of changing the color of their phone cases frequently to match their dress or according to their style or mood.

Eyelet Series

galaxy s5 eyelet caseA phone case that can transform into a phone stand is great for people who are used to watching movies or video clips on their phone. The horizontal viewing angle enables users to setup their phone on any flat surface converting it into a mini tv. This dual-purpose case design is made to perfectly fit a S5 and allows full access to all the buttons. The back cover of these Galaxy S5 DSStyles cases features an elaborate stitching and sewing design enhancing the look of the phone. Made from durable synthetic leather the case also provides dust, scratch, and damage protection.

Construction: The Eyelet series cases are made using high quality artificial leather.

Target Customers: This case is perfect for people who are movie buffs and are used to watching movies on their phone. People who spend a lot of time commuting on public transports can set the phone up using the Eyelet casing and be entertained while travelling.

Folio Series

dsstyle galaxy s5 folio caseThe flip leather design of the Folio series is probably one of the most popular among executives. The black leather not only looks elegant but also protects the screen from scratches and dust particles. Keeping functionality in the forefront, the design of the Folio series cases allows easy access to all the jacks, ports, and buttons of the phone. Made from high grade artificial leather this case is meant for regular usage and prolongs the phone's life. Thanks to its simple yet classy design, it looks great with formal wear. This makes these Galaxy S5 DSStyles cases one of the top choices among executives and office goers.

Construction: The elegant black front is actually made from an artificial material that looks like leather. This material is durable and has great shock resistant properties.

 Target Customers: The design of the case makes it perfect for office going people who have to wear formal clothes to work.

Zirconia Series

galaxy s5 case for ladies from dsstyleFalling under the fancy category the Zirconia series casing adds a bit of glitter to a Galaxy S5. The glittering gold design may be too flashy for some but for others its way of expressing their style. Apart from its eye catching style the casing also does a good job protecting the phone from scratches and dust. Specially designed to fit the Galaxy S5, the casing comes with perfectly sized cutouts for the camera lens and the flash. Although the design is meant to attract customers looking to add a bit of style to their phones, the construction of the case however is durable and is meant to withstand the regular punishments of life.

Construction: The casing is made from polycarbonate materials. Polycarbonate is durable, flexible, and shock resistant and is most commonly used to manufacture phone cases and parts.

Target Customers: The Zirconia series is mainly designed to attract female customers who are looking to convert their regular phones into a flashy fashion accessory.

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