Samsung Galaxy S5 TPU Cases

TPU Cases are the most popular categories of cases. They are slim, elastic and protective. The installation of TPU cases are extremely easy and does not require any special skills ot tools. Simply follow the instruction which sould not be more that sliding the phone inside the case and in some case applying the round bumper for extra protection.  TPU cases price start from few pennies to $30 depending on the quality of material and brand. Spigen, OtterBox and CaseMate are one of the leading cases manufacturer in this category.

#1 Spigen Strong Flex Ultra Case

spigen tpu case for galaxy s5As usual, Spigen would be my favourite producer for Galaxy S5 TPU cases. The Strong Flix is made of  premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane; a material known for it's great ability to absorb shocks while being amazingly flexible and extremely durable. To make it even more attractive, Spigen added UV coat and gave it a glossy finish with Capsule texture to enhance the grip as well as reduce the fingerprint marks. The case is available in three colours: Matte Slate, Gray and Clear. The Clear version is exactly the same but with no Capsule pattern. Finally, the case is on sale on Amazon for $11.99 (UK: £8.99)  as well as being sold by Spigen on its Spigen official ebay store for the same price.

#2 Otterbox Commuter

galaxy s5 otterbox commuterOtterbox manufactures several series for Galaxy S5, however, one of my favourite is the Commuter series. It provide tough protection against drop and shocks while maintaining beautiful slim design with variety of colours to suite all personalities. The case composed of multi-layer form including an inner slip cover and polycarbonate exterior shell and provide full access to all ports, camera, heartbeat sensor and volume rockets. Commuter series have other variation which is Commuter wallet cover that provide slot for carrying credit and ID cards. The case is available from the official Otterbox website as well as on Amazon US and Amazon UK

#3 Incipio Galaxy S5 TPU Cases

incipio dualpor shive tpu case for galaxy s5The Incipio DualPro shine by Incipio for Galaxy S5 is built of a sturdy plextonium frame and an impact absorbing silicone core for added protection. This case combines rugged protection with a sleek brushed aluminium look for your Samsung Galaxy S5. The outside hard shell exterior finished with aluminium to make your device more desirable and fashionable. The insider is  It come in Blue, Silver and Pink and it is one of the most inexpensive, yet quality case you can get for your Smartphone. With just $24, you can grab this lovely case the official Incipio seller on Amazon. UK customers can get their hands on this case through Amazon UK for £17 as well.

#4 Galaxy S5 Woody Case

woody samsung galaxy s5 caseThis is one of the best and most unique Samsung Galaxy cases. The case is made of lightweight polycarbonates with a stunning woody finish. It offer an easy access to all jacks, buttons, camera as well as a nice cut out for the heartbeat sensor. In terms of protection, the case offer shock absorption and with anti-bump feature for extra protection. The case is priced for $15.99 and available for sale from the well-known DSStyles, one of the best phone accessories producers I have ever dealt with. They also offer a beautiful wide-range of Galaxy S5 cases and covers for such as Zebra, Grain and Eternal.

#5 Otterbox Symmetry

otterbox symmetry for galaxy s5Symmetry is the slimmest case from Otterbox range, featuring one-piece stylish case composed of two materials: synthetic rubber interior and an external polycarbonate shell. These materials makes the case hard enough to protect against scratches and drops as well as offering amazing shock absorption experience. The raised edges will help guarding the screen from scratches even when the phone is facing down.

The case is available in 8 different colours such as Black, White, Red, Blue, Gray and as usual, comes with 1 year guarantee. The case is being sold only from the official Otterbox website for $39.95.

#6 Luvvitt Ultra Armor

ultra armor galaxy s5Luvvitt has wide range of Galaxy S5 cases, but the Ultra Armor case just stands out for me. It combines tough protection with styles thanks to the quality materials used. The protective raised lip of the outer shell guards the super AMOLED screen from accidental scratched when you put the phone downward.

The case is beautifully designed and finished allowing quick and easy access to all buttons, camera and ports. Luvvitt Ultra Armor is available in 6 colours and is being on offer for just $12.95 for a limited time on Amazon.

Luvvitt do have other TPU cases for Galaxy S5 such as the ClearView, ClearGrip, Crystal and Hybrid, so feel free to check their series on Amazon here.

#7 Survisor Clear from Griffin

griffin survivor clear tpu case galaxy s5Survivor Clear is a the lite version of the rugged Griffin Survivor for Samsung Galaxy S5 that meets the US Department of Defense Standard 810F. While Survivor Clear does not mean this standard, it still one of the most protective and slim cases for Galaxy S5. It has a clear case at the back, so you phone will look like as if there is no cover on it at all. The edges of the cover is made from resilient TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) rubber to provide the phone with the protection it deserve. Griffin has tested dropping the phone with the case on, on a concrete floor from 6 ft as well as leaving the phone in Vibrated environment for 18 hours, and guess what, in both case the phone survived!!. With the Survivor Clear, you will have a piece of mind for your Galaxy S5, that is why I believe it is worth the $24.99  (£19)  investment. The case just been listed on Amazon US and Amazon UK recently for the same price tag.

#8 Speck CandyShell

speck candyshell galaxy s5Don't underestimate this sleek and slim case, as it has passed military grade drop test, and it's MIL-STD 810G certified. This is achieved by implying dual layer protection to offer shock absorption, and impact resistance while maintaining a slim profile. The raised bezel is meant to shield the screen from impact as well as enhance the grip limiting the chance of slipping you device. Also, the bumper bezel cover not just the back and the sides, but also power and volume buttons providing extra care and comfort. The case comes with 1 year warranty and available for sale on Amazon for just $34.95.

#9 Obliq Samsung Galaxy S5 Case SkyLine Pro

obliq skyline galaxy s5One of the most delicate cases for Samsung Galaxy S5. It has unique design with slim line along the back cover, allowing the case to be used as kickstand when you insert the card in the cutout line. Also, this case maybe the first to introduce raised bezel at from and back to protect the screen as well as the back cover of the case from scratches when the phone lies down. With the dual layer protection, the case can guard your Galaxy S5 from drop, shock and impacts.

The case is available in many different colours such as Black Blue, Green, Pink, White, Orange and it's on sale on Amazon for just $11.99 with the introductory discount, so grab it before it's too late.

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